Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Katersen, Dixon or whatever he is called. ♥

Hey guys!

Today I'm introducing you my tomcat Dixon. He is also been called Diggy oder Katersen.
He is five years old and a very special cat, definetly!

He loves cheese, regardless of what kind and is always good for a joke.
I remember that I never laughed that much before and since he is living with me, I feel so much better.
He is also the brother of Tinksy, they have the same parents, but were born on different days and years.

He loves to sit, lie and sleep in my wardrobe and is the loudest in the house.

Whenever he is hungry he turns himself into a little terrorist and is getting on your nerves until you give him what he desires. Most of the time it's in the morning. 
But it's comfortable to sleep together with him and believe me, he is hell of a big cat!

It always looks funny when he is running from you into the kitchen and trying to get some cheese, but there's one thing you can always rely on: He will always stay by your side. 

I never saw such a good friend and never felt so accepted and loved until the two were moving into my house. 
I love them both more than anything else and they will always have a special place in my heart. They deserve it.

He is just soo special. Even when he is sleeping. Well, I don't know how to describe him perfectly, but still I try to do my best. Right now I'm working on a good tattoo design. Even though I have a sample of designs, I still have no tattoo. Well maybe Next month, but I still don't know, cuz there are many things that are just mor important.. We will see. ;) The future had a good start, why not going on good?

And now I have to go to bed. It wasn't that creative I know, but soon there will be more art and stuff. Maybe something new but I'm still not sure..

Sleep well and stay tuned!!!

Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

New Stuff

Hey Folks! 

Finally my order arrived! ( ^_^ )
Today I got the package, just the things I needed, but this time I didn't choose them because I just need them, more because I also liked them.

I want to show you some. Those I was way too excited about!

First: Socks. Well they aren't that special at all, I know. But I want to show them anyway, cause they are freaking awesome and now I don't need to be scared of missing things because of some little sisters.

Soo, here we go!

Now that winter is coming I decided to buy some warm socks.
Well most of the time you won't see them, 'cuz it's freaking cold outside but still I wanted them to have a certain kind of elegance.

And since I began to expand my color palette I even know began to wear grey and white. Somestimes growing up is a good thing. ( ^_^ )

And since I finally found a job I can effort all the things I want. Peut à peut.

But still I keep this little girl inside of me. Sometimes this little girl is giving me the best ideas.
And this little girl told me to get some new Hello Kitty socks. When I tried them on  they were really comfortable and keeping my feet warm.

Excellent! The main reason I wanted them was the leoprint pair. Somehow I have a faible for this .....

And this is also the explanation for the next pairings. (O....O)

 Except the pink pair I love them all. The black ones are excellent for wearing something plain and black.

The animal print socks are awesome and I love this kind of style.

So, these are my socks.

This is my scarf I bought. I thought his shape would be different, it looked that way but after all it is a very cool one and I totally love it!

My new leggings. Somehow I love that style. I can't explain why but somehow I have the feeling it will fit to my style.

So now that I want to make nearly everything new that I couldn't do last year I take my chances and want to make the best of it.
Somehow with that it started.

Now I will show you my most favourised thing. This was the reason to make the order. I saw it and thought: I NEED IT! I love the style and I checked it everytime I looked at it. And it's 100% perfect.

My new cardigan!

Not much left to say! ( ^-^ )
Also I got some new shoes. I really needed some new ones, my old ones are starting to flutter around and are nearby totally destroyed. I love my work. 

So I bought those: 
 One of the pair has an animal print.
So it's obviously that I had to buy them. As I was trying them on, I knew this were the shoes. They were very comfortable and I really love them!
The other pairs is not only looking good, they are also comfortable.

A really perfect choice!

And at the end of it all, Dixon, my boy cat, was resting in the box where the order once has been in.

 I ordered the things at the onlineshop of h&m. Well, it is cool to shop there and there are a lot of cool things in the sale (where all of these things are from) but has some negative points as well.

First the minimum. I hadn't known of that before. How should I know that I am only allowed to buy things 'til a maximum amount of money was arrived. So I had to pay the difference when I got the package. After looking through every button you can click in your account you might find this amount.

Second thing: Why do they tell you they can deliver at a certain time und two hours later you're getting an mail the things are now on their way to your house... Well, I had luckily enough money at home, but for those who order and think that's ok if they send it next week, it might be a catastrophe.

Third: They send with Hermes. Hermes is a group that hasn't much positive response. They took forever, or they just send it back but noone has ever been at your door. Also it appears that they tell you your package is at the neighbours but it never arrived or the neighbours doesn't even exist. One package I should get should be at my neighbours, but it never arrived. Luckily this here arrived as it should.

Well these are the things I got for myself and finally I have some warm things for the winter.

And now I will lay myself down in silent sadness because the tickets for Five Finger Death Punch are sold out...

Stay tuned!

Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

That is the night I'm not using for sleep.

So I'm working hard now to get this blogspot ready.

I made a decision. I will post more than just Artwork, that's also way I will rename this as "Creative Corner".
That means, that everything that is creative will find it's way in here, clothes, make-up and so on.

The year 2014 is kinda a reboot for me and shall be great, soo ...

Here I come!!! <(^.^)>

The next days I try to make a an overlook at my working place. Also I need to clean it... x)
Photos and so on will follow, also I try to finish Rodan. It won't be long, then I will have the DVD of Rodan and the flying monsters of Osaka in my hands and until this I want to finish it.

There will be following more of my cats also. Because they are some sort of.. funny. The things they are doing are just incredible and I don't want to have it for my own. Be prepared.

Finally I have a new design and it took forever, to get it the way I want it to.... (x . x) Gosh, that was exhausting. So for today, enough work. I will soon go to sleep and think about overworking some lyrics and maybe Tinksy's blogpost.

Maybe I can introduce to you the new project I planed.. But just maybe.
For now it's ok.

Also soon following, a new Vlog. It will be still in german, because it is easier to do. Maybe someday it might be in english, but just maybe and before I can start this, I need to move and get a new space.

Finally back on track!!
Stay tuned!



Well, I'm still working on the new design.. Guess I have an cool idea but if I get the concept out of my head to the paper... Well...

But I have another topic today. I decided to post about the things my two cats are doing. Not always, because art will always be the more important theme of this blog, but somehow, they are art in their own individual way.
Today I'm introducing to you: Tinksy, normally Tinka, but Tinksy is the name she's been called by me.

I live with her for one year now and I have to say: She made it well.
When she came to me, she has been very scared and tried to hide wherever it has been possible. Sometimes I had to ask for help, because she hid in a little space under a cupboard and wasn't even able to move.
Whenever something happend, like garbage collection, and those guys aren't the masters of being quiet, she wasn't seen the next three days. She couldn't relax and was always on attention. One day she also scratched my roomie, he wanted to feed her, she wanted him to leave her alone.. 
Whenever friends came to my house, she hid away. Noone ever saw her, until her trust was big enough and she came out. Everyone was surprised. "I thought she was so scared of everything?" Yeah.... was is the right word....

Today, they are "somehow" friends, she is open minded and very clever. She is able to open my wardrobe and whenever she wants something she ignores everything, even when I'm sleeping. My little Diva... *gigle*

Whatever she is doing, when she is looking at you with her bright eyes ( and they are damned big!) you can't be angry anymore. But she is still quiet, so quiet that she is looking at you, opening her mouth to make a sound but remains silent. It looks just funny and everytime I have to laugh about it. She is my princess and I'm proud of what has become of her.
Now, if friends are visiting she is coming out and crying for attention. Half a year, she never wanted out of my room, now she is crying and scratching and doing everything just to get out.

She is unbelievable and I love her just the way she is and very proud of what she became.

Tinksy, you are the best! <3

Samstag, 28. September 2013

New, new, new...

Well, I overlooked what I had been writing all these times, times where I was dumb and stuff.
As a creative blog, presenting fine and easy art, I have decided to change everything and delete those old posts. Even the newest will be gone, because I am planning a new thing on this. I want to be a creative act and my past ist not really good for it.

Well a kinda starting over you can say, but this blog does need it.
Thanks for all these views I got from you all, even those who might read it.
I change a bit, grew older and if I want to keep this alive, I have to change the whole thing in here.

Be prepared. I'm already working.
As soon as the new design is done, you will be impressed by the new Kota Creative Act.
But I', not even sure to leave this name ot to hold on it.

You will see.
Stay tuned!

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Some new stuff!

So it's been a while since I did something on here, that doesn't mean I wasn't creative.
It's been a year now and I will try to post as much now as I can, with new energy and less stress that I had the last times.

If I have new pictures? Well, sure I do. But most of them are unfinished.
The Special work I have now is a Fire Rodan Fanart I'm trying to do. And since I now decided to leave the detail I wanted out I can now go into colouring.
In some days you will see the mighty Fire Rodan on here. So far I will present you some other stuff I did. All is raw material and still in work.

This one is a bit older, but so far there is only the colouring missing. Unfortunately I had to learn that drawing on parties is no good thing....

Anyways this pic has a history and I may present it to you, when I'm done with.

Less professional, but I like it a lot!
This I will redo, hoping that this time I can make it look even more awesome this time.

As you already saw this is my Godzilla Fanart and I thought it was a cool idea to do.
Well, actually I'm scared of an computer work, hoping I won't destroy it anyway...

Let's see it in a later post when this is done!

 This is an older sketch. real old, made back in school...
But I like the style and hope I can make it real good after I finished.

Since three years it is waiting to get ready but somehow I can't get any ideas for it so I have to hope I will find soon inspiration for this one....


One of my best so far. I already had finished an PC version, but I want to make a ReWork on it. Somehow, the nower version is not mine anymore..

Same here. I just overwork it, because it is really good and the PC work is not as awesome is this one...

 Those three were meant to be some kind of designs for this blog.
I will try my best to make them good.

This one hier is called "the Assassine"
 This one here is a newer design I made. I will totally overwork it.

It is called "the Geek"
And last but not least the third one. Made in school and probably the oldest of the three.

I don't know when I will finish her, maybe tomorrow maybe next month... But def I will overwork this.

It is called "the Magical Girl"

Last but not least, Rodan!!

He needed most of the time...
Since one monthe I try to get a detail for it, but it won't come, so I guess I will leave this detail out.
Or I will maybe find?
Wish me luck!!

That's all from me now!
Stay tuned!

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

電気タツノオトシゴ and my trip to Heligoland

Hey Folks?!
What's up???

Today is my birthday and I have a special surprise for ya all !!
Usually I had expected I would come back today in the eve, totally exhausted from a very nice and hard trip around 1 square kilometer of Heligoland, but I was wrong. Because of an stormwarning the ship which we needed to get back to mainland would come back on sunday, we just booked for one night so that would be very odd if we had to stay, especially for me, 'cause I wanted to celebrate with my friends.

We decided to make a shorttrip to the island and I experienced a really nice world up on the island. I saw those rocks, which looked amazing in the sunlight. They are the last real rocks that are left from the glacial era and now are the home of different kinds of Birds.
Here you can see Some pictures of them.
Steep cliffs and there in the back the popular "Long Anne"
The weather was pretty awesome and that all looked so damned amazing with the sea

This reminds me to any game, but I dunno which. It still looks amazing and it was a real good idea to go to Heligoland
steep cliffs again. The white lines are made by birds, if ya know what I mean ;)

Here ya can see the birds. They are only found there and became also popular for the island

The "long Anne", even if it is just a rock that it simply apart, it is still amazing and almighty over our heads!

"Long Anne"
But I also saw something from the sea side of the island. We visited the aquarium in which lives the last sturgeon in the west frisian area. Some more of them live nearby France, but they're number s decreasing...
Here is a nice photo of it:
I'm really sorry that the picture is blurred, but that fisch was huuge and swimming all the time just in circles. Was very difficult to get a photo of it without too many blurred moments. That fisch was excitement in one whole body and as I watched it, I felt how deep my connection to the sea is. As all the fishes passed me by I knew I had to do a maritime Tattoo first and that before I leave Kiel.

I walked around the tanks and watched how the life there just goes on. By the way it was pretty dark inside and so I had to change the direction of my cam, that is why the pictures aren't as good as the rest of the pix I made of the rocks and steep cliffs.
It was amazing to see how those creatures just live and seemed sorrowless. They aren't like humans. They are different to us. They do not think, betray each other and even don't feel, as we do. Surely they will. Everything that somehow lives does have feelings, but that kind we have. They don't kill because their husband or wife or whatever has etrayed them, the would never betray each other. Thjey stay together forever or just for a sec but never betray each other. That word doesn't exist in their mind. I am pretty sure that if a fish, if it is now sturgeon or a seahorse or whatever there is, they would ask what it means to be betrayed. Also will all other species on earth do and the most important fact is, without human being, they can be friends, but they can be enemies and no one changes a thing because it is what nature has to say, the absolutely boss over all the beings on earth.

But back to topic. The fishes there looked just like they were happy, satisfied. They don't need much. Different as a human being. We prefer good food, no work and a warm and lovely home... We need a mp3player and a notebook and even a car. But those animals, those sea creatures, don't need a cell phone, or a notebook. They just need the things they have already. Food, a living space and nothing more....

When I came around that little aquarium (and it was really pretty little) I came to the Seahorses.
That was the moment when I felt the strong connection I usually should have to nature, but that I lost some years ago because of different facts that have occured in my life. The seahorses were totally sweet and showing us off that they are. There was a Amanogarnele swimming in circles always past the seahorses and they were trying to get them but always failed because they were to slowly. They helped each other getting from plants in the tanks and were soo sweet by getting back by reflex. You could see that they were sad that we left because we payed so much of our attention to them. As I walked out the aquarium I could see how they all felt down to the ground and watched right into our direction. Still I felt that strong connection to them as I built it in those shortlasting minutes. They helped me decide what I really want. What kind of Tattoo it will be. I thought it would be the heart that I once drew but my decision fell on a seahorse. It has a stronger identification to me and means a lot more than any heart can do.
Here are the pictures of the seahorses:

I totally miss them and try to get to our aquarium we have in Kiel, cause I am pretty sure that they also have Seahorses and those are worth to be visited!

This is what Google gave me for Tattoo designs. Why don't you chose which one it could possibly be, even if I had made a choice I would like to hear your opinion too.

 If you want me to have this so make a Comment with the word = SEADRAKING
 If you want that one for the new design, just take the word =BALTICHORSE
If you want me to make this one then take the word =WATERLILY

So that shall be enough for. I wanna celebrate a lil my bday.

See ya

Dear's Kota